“The transformation is art…….

How we designe our life, is a decision we have to take, not a previous value .

If we not select how things get develop , if we not take a position of personal power, 
we will be all always in a place of reaction , giving answers automatically , instead of 
create .

Create is a form in which the soul speak in a loud voice… and when really
we listen the soul, all the world start to sound different , and all change around as….

In some moment, you were witness of the power of intention ?
From the creativity as a tool of change & manifestation of your desire ?

Going trough a creative process of paint different forms, symbols, colors, and the 
discover of a language that speak about our internal dimensions , we create  new
unions in the synapsis of our brain , in a visionary manner getting in contact with
the perceptions , emotions, experiences and relations we wish to create ourself.

This is the external manifestation of internal desire - so we can relate with this dimension , 
there are tools very useful that give as knowledge .
My teachers give me the information , this world is going down , because our ignorance ,
so is VITAL  try get out of this ignorance from the precious place of our daily day, opening 
our mind, allowing the complete things in our lives “….. welcome everybody !!!

In a traditional level, she study in 3 schools of art from Buenos Aires as a master in drawing & paint, 
profesor & phd in paintings . She did a lot of restorations of piece of art , antiques & modern objects
she is specialist in frame , in repairing museum old pieces .
As a visionary artist and teacher, she dedicate the last 20 years to the art as a way of healing, trough 
the paintings, the writings and the teachings of emotional and intuitive creativity .

Because of her interest in spirituality , she get to this in  different ways :
—Trough exploring many different forms of art expression .
—Different technics of energetic healing,
—For the way of Myth & Arquetipos ,
she explore her own believes until she discover the reborn of the Goddess …..going very deep in 
investigations about Kabbalah and the intensive practice of feminine shamanism , she get trough
there own limitations with very important  Initiations .

Nut publish her creations trough:

- We Moon, from Oregon U.S.A.

- Chirstel Göttert from Germany
-  Devas editorial from Buenos Aires Argentina.

-  Moon Calendar the New Zealand.

- Reves de Femmes. Francia.

Many fabulous masters & teachers get her very rich in her own life,
- Lynn Andrews from California U.S.A., 

- Isaac Thau ( master in Kabbalah & professional  musician ) from Buenos Aires Argentina.

Also she get other degree in ancestral ciencias as the astrology & the shamanic tarot arcanos , with 
her teacher Carmen Gonzalez .


Italian- Argentine Artist...

NUT  is a visual artist, medicine woman, healing intuitive and visionary , she has the degree
from the school  Mystery & Sacred arts , from the shaman master Lynn Andrews a fabulous 
healing and writer , international bestseller, create more than 21 books, full of wisdom .

2012 - 2015

Paula graduated from The Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School in California. USES. As an Intuitive Spiritual Healer.


Graduated from the intense 4-year Training Master Shaman Lynn Andrew

-2016- Paula is currently still Lynn's apprentice and is a Member of

The Kindred Spirits Graduate Program

The Kindred Spirits Continuing Education Program.

- Kindred Spirits is the Community of Graduated Members in the School of Mysteries and Sacred Arts that holds the energy of the Sisterhood of the Shields in the World.

Nut is a conscience shaman , writer & professional photographer .
She create many projects in different arts :
she made the foundation , in 1991 her own art gallery , private classes , and did many and successful 
expositions …….
also other creatives business like her wonderful & pretty color line of silks all hand paint &
sacred objects..

Since many years ago, she choose live with creative experimental things and thoughts , trough the 
irrational love for her art, the investigation of the symbols…….
personal visionary trips……
Healing from the acts that value the nature…..and giving new learnings , trough the development of
creativity and the Mandalas as therapeutic tools.


Paula Franco:  


Astrologa- Ministra en Artes Sagradas

y Guardiana de la Tierra


Publicaciones de nuevos libros! y  cursos online!

 - Publicación de mi Ilustración "Salute of the sun" en We'moon Calendar.  Oregon. Usa.

 - Publicación de mi Ilustración " The Huntresses reflection" en We'moon. Cards. Oregon. Usa.

-  Publicación de mi Arte en Nueva Zelandia :  "Maat Goddess" ( Libra)

                                                                                   "Amaterasu Goddess" ( Cancer)

                                                                                    "Sleeping Jaguar" ( Leo)

                                                                                    "Calling The Other Side" ( Capricornio)


Julio 2014- mayo 2015

- Presentacion de los Cursos Online de Pintura Intuitiva para America Latina.

- Circulo de Mujeres y presentación de mis Libros La Diosa Ancestral y Cielo y Tierra

                  en Talavera de la Reina, Castilla la Mancha, España. 

- Participación  en Kindred Spirit, Paradise Valley USA. Enseñanzas de  la Hermandad de los Escudos


- Me gradué como Ministra en Artes Sagradas y Guardiana de la Tierra, 

- Miembro de International Assembly     of Spiritual Healers & Earth Stewards Seattle, USA


- Argentina"CIELO Y TIERRA": Publicación  de mi segundo libro-Objeto, Libro para meditar y colorear: en Buenos Aires, Argentina. 


Alemania: "LA DIOSA ANCESTRAL" Publicación del Libro. por Murannah House de Berlin, Alemania, 


- En preparación ediciones traducidas a los siguientes idiomas: Español. Ingles,  Aleman, Frances y Noruego.


Junio 2025- abril 2026


Junio 2025- abril 2026

 - En el año 2015 Me  Gradué  en The Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School,                                                                            en California. USA.  como  " Sanadora Espiritual Intuitiva".

 -  Siendo la 1º  REPRESENTANTE EN ARGENTINA egresada de de la intensa                                                                                 Formación de 4 años que  Imparte la Maestra Shaman Lynn Andrews.


 -  2015 Participe del Evento Storm Eagle, Phoenix, USA.


Junio 2025- abril 2026

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